IceMelt Cover (2 foot sections) with 3 self-tapping screws


IceMelt Cover (2 foot sections) with 3 self-tapping screws


IceMelt Cover is a gutter guard accessory which holds a self-regulating heat cable on top of the stainless steel mesh. The aluminum cover transfers heat from the cable throughout the cover, the gutter, and the stainless steel mesh to help melt snow, icicles, and ice dams that can form on top of the gutter guard.

Each IceMelt Cover section is two feet long and is made from a hardened anodized aluminum extrusion. Each section has three pre-drilled holes allowing  the cover to be fastened using the included #8 size self-tapping screws which feature a .5” long shaft, .25” hex head, and are 500 hour salt-spray rated Dacromet coated.

This product does not include heat cable or any other electronic accessories. Heat cable must be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight.50 lbs
Dimensions23.5 x 3 x .5 in
Aluminum Alloy Type